Mendelssohn: Italian Symphony, Midsummer Nights Dream

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Symphony No.4 in A Major Op 90 „Italian“

Italienische Symphonie Nr.4 in A-Dur op.90
Symphonie „Italien“ en la majeur op. 90

Incidental Music to „The Midsummer Night’s Dream“ (excerpts)
Bühnenmusik zu Shakespeare’s „Sommernachtstraum“ op.61
Le Songe d’ une nuit d’été - musique de scène


This album is devoted to Symphonic Music of the great Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy:
His fiery »Italian Symphony« in A Major as well as excerpts from »A Midsummer Night’s Dream« incidental music, which he composed at the age of seventeen for a Berlin Theatre production of Shakespeare’s play.
Volker Hartung and his Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra are presenting masterful readings of the works in these brilliant performances recorded in Germany and produced in 24bit HD Audio.

JPK 17 05 04

24bit/ 48kHz HD Audio