Handel, Bach, Pachelbel: Glory and Splendor in the Age of Royal Baroque Music

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Glory and Splendor in the Age of Royal Baroque Music

George Frederic Handel
Music to the Royal Fireworks Feuerwerksmusik
Harp Concerto in B flat major Harfen-Konzert B-Dur

Johann Pachelbel
Canon Kanon
Johann Sebastian Bach
Violin Concerto in A minor Violinkonzert a-moll
Air & Badinerie

Konstanze Jarczyk, harp • Michael Schubert,flute
Volker Hartung, Davide Toso, Claudio Mahle, violin
Christine Kaulbach, viola • Pavel Ulanicki, cello
Holger Fabry, double bass


JPK 16 02 21
48k/ 24bit HD mastering

Glory and Splendor of the age of Royal Baroque music is celebrated in this album by the Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Volker Hartung.
George Frederic Handel’s „Music for the Royal Fireworks“ is a work of gigantic proportions
It was composed in 1748 for a fireworks display inspired by political events. The British King George II wanted a huge celebration with great fireworks and music on occasion of the Aachen peace treaty in October 1748.
The splendid and delightful Harp Concerto in B major is an original work by Handel and one of his most beautiful works, brilliantly performed by great German harpist Konstanze Jarczyk. Conductor Volker Hartung takes his violin as soloist in this passionate reading ofJ.S. Bach's Violin Concerto no.1 in A minor.
Johann Pachelbel’s famous Canon, the „Air“ from Bachs 3rd Overture Orchestra as well as a highly virtuoso performance of the „Badinerie“ by flutist Michael Schubert are concluding this beautiful album.