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As the last of romantic symphonic composers Rachmaninoff represents a bridge between 19th century romanticism and modern times avangarde. His fabulous orchestrations generate lush sonorities and grandeur, and a style of overwhelming expression that fascinates the listener to this day. His 2nd piano concerto is a musical psychogram, as the young composer describes the healing of a profound mental depression.
This album contains three magnificent works by Russian composer Sergej Rachmaninoff.
Volker Hartung and fabulous pianist Stanislav SOLOVIEV gave a brilliant performance of Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto. They recorded in St. Petersburg with her great Philharmonic Orchestra. Back in Germany Hartung recorded the composer's own arrangement of „Vocalise for Orchestra“ with the Cologne New Philharmonic. He arranged Romance and Scherzo of the superb 1st string quartet for string orchestra, which the 17-year Rachmaninoff wrote as a student in 1890.